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How is Trek different from other English learning services?

HiNative Trek English Conversation Schools
Pluses Trek helps you increase your output through daily problems designed to teach you important English phrases. It's available on your smartphone without reservations, anytime, anywhere, and all Trek teachers are native speakers of American English. Teachers are usually native speakers of English. Programs are designed to help students stay motivated and provide high-quality content.
Minuses No real-time conversation. Going to a classroom is inconvenient, they're expensive, and the amount of time actually spent studying each week can be short.
Don't need one!
Need one
With the HiNative iOS app, you can use it anytime, anywhere. Study on the train and on your lunch break.
Typically involves going to a classroom.
Access old problems and listen to audio answers as many times as you like.
Look through old papers and homework
Practical English used by business professionals
Various courses to choose from
Teachers Native speakers of American English. Japanese teachers and native speakers of American English.
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