All of your questions answered.

When does the course start?

The first problem will arrive on the day you register (and your payment is confirmed). If you register on a Saturday or Sunday, the first problem will arrive on the following Monday.

All times and dates are based on Japan Standard Time (JST).

Will I be able to speak English perfectly with just Trek?

The short answer is: No. However, we believe that the key to actually learning to use English in real situations is through practice. This course is designed to get you writing and speaking phrases consistently so that they come to you naturally the next time you are in a situation where you need to speak English.

I want to learn English in the easiest way possible

Trek is designed for people who realize that it takes effort in order learn. We can't make learning English easy, but we can provide you with an efficient method that is guaranteed to help you improve. For people who don't have the time or resources to live abroad, HiNative Trek is here to guide you through the daily process of learning English.

What browser does it work on?

Use the latest version of Google Chrome when accessing HiNative Trek from a computer. Uploading voice answers is unavailable on other browsers. Download the app to use Trek on your iOS device.You can also use Trek on Google Chrome on iOS, but you can't upload voice answers. Use Google Chrome when accessing HiNative Trek on Android as well. However, depending on the type of your Android device, please be aware that you may not be able to record your voice.

What level of English speaker is Trek for?

Trek is for people who can read an article in English while using a dictionary, but who can't figure out what to say when they attend a conference and try to speak. Trek is focused on increasing your output and using a dictionary as you answer problems is perfectly fine. Think of this as your chance to finally use your stored up English knowledge on a daily basis.

Will I always have the same teacher?

Yes. You will have the same teacher throughout the year-long course. However, there may be times when a different teacher will correct your homework when your main teacher is unavailable. It is also possible to change your teacher if you wish.

I'm not confident in my English ability.

Trek is designed to get you writing and speaking so that you can build the confidence you need to use English in real situations. Even if you aren't confident in your English ability now, we think that with the support of your teacher and daily practice on Trek, you will be before long.

What is the latest I can turn problems in?

With HiNative Trek, even if you can't turn in your homework on a given day, you have up to 7 days within which you can turn that homework in and get a correction. When problems are turned in together, we will do our best to get you a quick correction. However, it may take at most (number of problems x days) depending on the volume of homework being turned in. Please be aware of this.

Who was in charge of writing the problems?

All materials in the HiNative Trek Business course were checked by multiple American native speakers of English who are working in American companies and startups today. We did everything we could to make sure that every phrase you learn is as natural, real, and applicable as possible.

Do you have any recommendations for supplementary materials?

When you have the time, we recommend you practice the phrases you've learned on Trek with Skype English Conversation and other conversation lessons.

How should I review what I've learned?

We recomend trying to write your own short essays, and to post tehm on HiNative. You can use the "Does this sound natural?" question template to get feedback on your writing and pronunciation from native speakers of English.

I want to talk with my teacher more.

You can ask your teacher up to 3 questions per problem. If you still have questions you want to ask, you can ask thousands of native speakers on HiNative. You may even find an additional teacher there as well.

I want to increase my overall English ability, not just my writing skills.

HiNative Trek isn't about writing essays. It's designed to make you think, and to help you practice the important English phrases you need to get by in the IT and startup scene today through consistent practice. While there will be a lot of writing and speaking during the course, there is also listening, reading comprehension, and other special problems almost every week so that every Trek student gets a well-rounded education.

Do the teachers have business experience?

Every teacher has work experience with an American company.

Is there a free trial version?

Unfortunately, there isn't a free trial version available at this point in time.

I can no longer access problems on HiNative Trek. What should I do?

Please contact the HiNative Trek support team with your HiNative account's username and email address in the body of the email.

How long will I continue to receive problems after canceling my subscription?

You will continue to receive problems until the date when your next payment would be due. You can also review your old problems, answers, and corrections as long as you maintain your account on HiNative. Homework turned in within a month of unsubscribing will be corrected by your Teacher.

Can I ask my teacher questions in my mother language?

There is no rule against asking questions in your native language, but please be aware that the majority of Trek Teachers do not speak it.

I don't have a HiNative account. Can I still use HiNative Trek?

When you sign up for HiNative Trek, an account on HiNative will automatically be created for you.