Learn the English you actually want to use. We've prepared the materials to make it happen.

  • Designed to teach you the real English used in American companies today.

  • Difficulty increases throughout the week.

  • 12 different themes, one per month.

  • Covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

  • Recommended for beginner to intermediate learners.

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Get personalized corrections of "Your English" in both writing and audio.

Trek won't teach English that will get you a higher score on a test. Instead, you'll learn English designed to help you scale your ability to communicate. Your teacher will correct and provide feedback on each and every one of your written and audio answers. In general, you will have one teacher with you throughout the course.
He or she will help you find areas you're weak in and teach you how to improve them.

The coursework focuses on "Practical English" and was created by a team of English Natives with professional experience in a variety of fields

The main goal of the coursework is to give students a strong foundation in Business English through daily practice. We've built on current standards for Business English coursework to make sure that students are learning modern English used in real situations.
We consulted with business professionals living in America and the current team of Trek teachers in order to make sure that students can use these problems as a springboard to achieving their English learning goals.

Write short essays and record audio answers for each problem

Sample Problems

  • Short Essay + Q&A
    Translate the following question into English and then answer it.
  • Conversation
    Roleplaying and Conversation.
    Do you have any questions about what you saw on the tour?
  • Short Essay + Q&A
    Translate the following question into English and then answer it.
  • Conversation
    Roleplaying and Conversation.
    Blue Hardhat, how may I direct your call?
  • Long Essay
    Translate the following sentence into English.
    Green Gasketにおいては、きちんとした書類を作ることはとても重要です。特にユーザーマニュアルは、非常に細かく作りこみながらも、同時に消費者にとって理解しやすいようにしなければなりません。
  • Special
    (次の文章の主なポイントを日本語でまとめましょう。)Mark Thomas wishes to reward the Product X team for a job well done. When that project was launched he put a staffing management plan in place. The plan gives consideration for a reward, and he should be able to give each member of the team a small bonus.
  • Short Essay + Q&A
    Translate the following question into English and then answer it.
    こんにちは、Forge IndustriesのKen Phillipsです。(当社が御社にした)注文がちゃんと発送されたかの確認したいのですが、今手元にペンはありますか?
  • Special
    (次のクライアントの注文内容を日本語でまとめましょう。) I’d like to place an order for desktop computers, 15 of the SuperStack Professionals and 5 of the SuperStack Ultras. In addition, I would like to add 20 of your 27-inch LED displays as well.

Problems at the beginning of the week are slightly easier, allowing students to warm up for the rest of the week.
In the 2nd half, conversation and dictation problems are frequent, and students will be able to use the phrases they've learned in new situations. By getting in the habit of speaking and writing every day, you can improve every aspect of English comprehension, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

12 different themes, one per month.