The perfect foundation to begin your English Trek on.
The HiNative Trek course is based on the actual English used in the American Tech scene today.

  • Designed around the actual English used in the IT and Tech industries
  • Increasing difficulty throughout the week
  • 12 different themes, one per month
  • Covers reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Recommended for beginner to intermediate learners and advanced speakers who are even a little out of practice

All course materials were checked by multiple
American native speakers of English working in Tech.

We've made a course that's more applicable and easy to continue than ever before, and we made it specifically for people working in IT and Tech. American native speakers of English checked each problem and made sure that every situation and phrase is as natural and real-to-life as possible.

Problems grow more difficult as the week progresses.
HiNative Trek provides you with meaningful English education that doesn't take more than 10 minutes a day.

Students post answers to problems every day, Monday through Friday. Problems follow along with monthly themes designed around common situations found in the Tech industry. Some days will only involve a simple one line translation, whereas others will involve reading and responding to graphs, responding verbally to audio messages, and a wide variety of other styles of problems. By increasing your output in various ways, this helps new phrases and vocabulary stick in your mind for easy access later on.

Short Essay
Translate the following sentence into English.
Answer the following question in English.
Tell me more about what your company does.
Long Essay
Translate the following sentence into English.
Essay + Q&A
Translate the following question into English and then answer it.
Reading & Listening Comprehension, etc.
This is a chance to review what you've learned throughout the week.

Over 12 months, build up a stock of the most important phrases for the workplace.


Pitching Your Service

Learn the important phrases you need to introduce your company's products.

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Networking at A Conference

Learn how to network and make conversation at Tech-focused meetups and conferences.

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Get a solid grasp on email writing conventions in English.

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Job Interviews

Learn the phrases you need to be both interviewer and interviewee.


Pitching Your Service 2

Learn the important phrases you need to introduce your company's products.


Follow Up Questions after Your Pitch

Practice answering the types of questions investors and judges will ask about your service.

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Email 2

Handle requests from the media, and learn how to give great customer support.

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Communication in the Workplace

Learn the important differences between speaking with your boss and speaking with your coworkers.

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Taking & Making Calls

Learn the basics of talking on the phone with a focus on speaking with colleagues from a foreign branch office.

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Email 3

Customer support, recruiting, and emails within your company.

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User Interviews & Usability Tests

Learn how to give and also participate in user interviews and usability tests.

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Social Media

January's problems cover each of the major forms of social media including Tweets, Facebook Statuses, DMs, and introductions via LinkedIn

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Every skill covered.

With HiNative Trek, you'll practice Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking in order to build a well-rounded foundation in the English language. You'll study with your ears, hands, voice, and all 5 senses.

Trek is designed for every level of learner.
Even if you only have a basic grasp on English grammar, we think Trek is right for you.

HiNative Trek will be applicable and beneficial to anyone with at least a middle school level of English education.
Every problem is essay-based, so irregardless of the level of the course materials, you can build up "your" English skills one step at a time. Recommended for people with study abroad experience but a blank in their studies, and even people with experience working abroad. HiNative Trek is here to help make English a part of your everyday life again. And if you aren't sure about something, feel free to use a dictionary as you answer or to ask your teacher for help.

Tell me the differences between the IT and IT Part 2 courses

The IT course is designed to teach students into the foundations of Business English in a specialized IT setting.

The IT Part 2 course is for more advanced learners, and students will use what they learned in the original IT course to delve even deeper into IT Business English. They will learn more difficult phrases and advanced concepts while simultaneously getting acquainted with specialized situations and fields within the IT industry.

Tell me who should take the IT course and who should take IT Part 2

The IT course is designed for beginners who are confident conversing in English in normal situations but aren't used to using specialized Business English.

IT Part 2 was designed with the abilities and levels of the students who have completed the IT course in mind, and it will be a more difficult course overall.

Can I take more than one course simultaneously?

Unfortunately, HiNative Trek users can only take one course at a time.

I would like to change to a different course from my current one. Is that possible?

Yes, it is. Go to the HiNative Trek tab on your Settings page and unsubscribe from your current course. Once your current subscription period ends, you will be able to register for the IT Part 2 course.