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All of your questions answered.

What is HiNative Trek?

How are HiNative and HiNative Trek different?

What makes Trek different from other English learning services?

How difficult are the courses?

Quel type de cours existe-t-il sur HiNative Trek?

Quels types de problèmes y a-t-il?

When does the course start?

Will I be able to speak English perfectly with just Trek?

I want to learn English in the easiest way possible. Is Trek for me?

What browser does Trek work on?

Puis-je utiliser HiNative Trek sur mon appareil Android?

When will I get corrections?

Will I always have the same teacher?

I'm not confident in my English ability. Is Trek for me?

When is the latest I can turn homework in?

Recevrais-je des corrections pendant les vacances?

Who created the course material?

Puis-je changer l'ordre dans lequel j'étudie les différents thèmes?

Do you have any recommendations for supplementary materials?

How should I review what I've learned?

I want to increase my overall English ability, not just my writing skills. Will I be able to do that?

Do the teachers have business experience?

Combien coûtent chacun des cours?

J'aimerais passer à un cours différent de celui actuel. Est-ce possible?

Puis-je prendre plusieurs cours simultanément?

Can I register directly for the IT2 course?

I can no longer access homework on HiNative Trek. What should I do?

How long will I continue to receive homework after canceling my subscription?

Puis-je poser des questions à mes professeurs en japonais?

I don't have a HiNative account. Can I still use HiNative Trek?

If I decide that Trek isn't right for me after I register, can I get a refund?

How much will I save by paying for a yearly subscription?

Will my yearly subscription automatically renew?

How long do I have to cancel my yearly subscription before it's automatically renewed?

Can I change from a yearly to a monthly subscription after I sign up?

What happens if I cancel my yearly subscription during my subscription period?

Do you issue a certificate of completion?